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The SmartGen

SmartGen is a smarter and a resourceful business company that delivers phenomenal solutions and technologies for the digital era.
SmartGen drives with the passion to integrate information, to communicate and process technologies specifically to help your business succeed.

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  • Innovative

    SmartGen is a smarter and a resourceful business company that delivers phenomenal solutions and technologies for the digital era.

  • Convenient

    SmartGen offers a full range of integrated and flexible turnkey solutions for the benefit of individuals, workgroups and organizations.

  • User Friendly

    SmartGen delivers increased operational efficiency and staff productivity to our valued clients. This is what we do. We deliver beyond expectations

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Our line of solutions cover all aspects of customer communication and relationship management including

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement is a business communication connection between a consumer and an organization.

  • Contact Center

    Our Contact Center Solution is a customer-focused business solution designed to optimize productivity.

  • Call Recording & Management

    Call recording software records telephone conversations over PSTN or VoIP in a digital audio file format.

  • Self Service Interactive Audio

    Interactive Voice Response Solution provides self-service functionality through a flexible and modular platform .

  • Quality Management

    A fully recognized and implemented quality management system will ensure that the customer is satisfied by meeting their requirements.

  • WorkForce Management

    In the workforce management process, the integration of employees is an important factor.

  • Contact Management & CRM

    CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them..

  • Work Flow Management

    Workflow Management System (WMS) is a piece of software that provides an infrastructure to setup, execute, and monitor scientific workflows.

  • Multi-Media Gateway

    Multi-Media solution provides sophisticated functionality for the extensive needs of today’s customer communication.

  • Audio/Video Conferencing Bridge

    A conference bridge allows participants dial into a virtual meeting room from their own phone. Meeting rooms can hold dozens or even hundreds of participants.

  • Digital E-Learning Platform

    We have developed a Digital E-learning Platform that enables the institute to become a modern, digital campus, and have an immediate positive impact on teaching and learning.

  • Partner Relationship Management

    (PRM) is a system of methodologies, strategies, software, and web-based capabilities that help a vendor to manage partner relationships.l

  • Natural Dailogue

    NEXGEN Natural Dialog is the body of products that helps you build fast, reliable, and automated customer service structure through alternative distribution channels like speech enabled IVRs or chatbots.”

  • Information Kiosk

    An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.

  • WebRTC to SIP Gateway

    WebRTC-SIP gateway is an award winning solution which uses WebRTC technology to receive voice/video calls from any browser or mobile application on your SIP network or end points without downloading any plugins.

  • Institute Management System

    NexGen Institute Management System (IMS) provides user-friendly management personnel of your institution.


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  • Dialogic helps service providers
  • Application developers
  • Enterprises build
  • Deploy on agile networks
  • Real-time multimedia processing
  • Customizable applications
  • Microsoft
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  • Synway
  • Leading VoIP enabling-technologies
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  • Long-standing business network
  • Provide public security
  • Solutions for enterprises and telecom
  • Cloud-based unified communications
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IoT Tech Expo Global 2018

The World’s Largest IoT Event Series will bring together key industries from across the globe for 2 days of top level content and discussion.

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InfoComm Middle East & Africa (InfoComm MEA) is the region’s foremost Professional AudioVisual (pro-AV) and Information Communications Technology (ICT) show.

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CMI Contact Center Expo

Contact Center Professionals trust the ICMI brand and know they can rely on ICMI to deliver the most comprehensive, unbiased program.

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