Call Recording and Management

Call Recording and Management Solution

Call recording software records telephone conversations over PSTN or VoIP
in a digital audio file format. Call recording is distinct from
call logging and tracking, which record details about the call but
not the conversation; however, software may include both recording and logging functionality.

Brilliant Services


▶ Simplified retrieval of recorded files - Within minutes gives your organization the cutting edge over the competition
▶ Centralized and de-centralized configuration options - Flexibility Support dispersed teams to conduct calling activities
▶ Complete historical Information presented in a clear format - Tracking Increased operational effectiveness and consistency
▶ Monitoring of system and storage capacity - In real time Status display enables management to monitor the system status
▶ Can be managed by IT literate business team - Not programmers Gives you savings with low ongoing maintenance and training costs

Benefits of Call Recording and management Solution

Pineapple • Capture details you might have missed or forgotten
• Coach your team more effectively
• Get to know your customers
• Improve regulatory compliance and reduce associated costs
• Provide great customer service
• Capture customer stories
• See how your customer service has evolved
• Quickly bring a customer service agent up to speed
• Enhance your product or service

Solutions Benifits


Onboard New Talent

Training a new sales rep is a time consuming process. From reviewing different sales processes to memorizing the correct language to use in emails and phone calls.

Enforce Quality Control


Depending on the size of your team, a regular call review process can be extremely helpful in ensuring that all reps are delivering quality service over the phone.

Create Accountability

When reps understand that their calls are being recorded and monitored by management, they are more likely to be conscious of their expected behavior.


Coach Reps

One-on-one call reviews are a great way for managers to give constructive feedback to individual sales reps.

Mediate Disputes

In the case of a conflict between a rep and a customer, sales managers can refer back to saved call recordings to better understand the situation. Pineapple

Prove Compliance with Industry Regulations

Call recordings can be used as proof of meeting industry regulations when working with customers, clients, and patients.

Solutions Features

• Transparently records all calls on multiple lines simultaneously
• Support for all types of telephone lines
• Scalable to cover the needs of the entire organization
• Freedom of telephone network for making outbound calls
• Generation of e-alerts and e-notifications via email
• Instant report generation on the basis of user, lines and locations