Self Service Interactive Audio/Video Response System

Visual Interactive Voice Response, or Visual IVR,
is similar to Interactive Voice Response (IVR,) but with
the addition of web-based visual content.

Interactive Voice Response Solution provides self-service functionality through a flexible and modular platform that makes it easier for your customers to access information and carries out transactions.

Brilliant Services


▶ Service and Package Ordering
▶ Self-service Banking
▶ Secure Payments
▶ Answers to FAQ
▶ Information Hotline
▶ ustomized Services


Configure a personalized IVR message and prompts

IVRs allow you to record customized greetings, messages and prompts so that when your customers call your company, they will have a more personalized experience.


Use pre-recorded IVR messages

If you prefer to not use your own voice on the IVR, you can use pre-recorded IVR messages. Professionalism made easy.


Collect information about your callers

IVRs collect information about your customer’s needs and will transfer calls to the most appropriate agent or department depending on their IVR input.

Automate customer support

IVRs allow your customers to solve their own problems and obtain the information they are searching for without speaking with an agent.

Prioritize calls based on value

IVRs allow you to prioritize calls based on the caller’s value. When a high-value customer calls, the IVR will route them to the agent who is most qualified to meet their needs.


Route the caller to the right agent or department

IVRs will route your callers to the most appropriate department or the agent that is most qualified to meet their needs.

Thrive with high call volumes

IVR systems allow companies to easily handle high call volumes. Callers will automatically be directed to the agent or department that is most capable of meeting their needs or will wait in a queue when all agents are busy.

Improve your company’s image

Startups and smaller companies can use IVRs to make it appear that their company is larger than it actually is. If you only have a few people in your company, you can configure IVR prompts that allow callers to talk to sales, support, marketing or technical support, etc.

IVVR Benefits

Improved Customer Experience

Enables organizations to deliver effortless customer self-service and agent assisted interactions by implementing cutting-edge mobile, smart device, and web based visual IVR solutions.


Greater agent efficiency

Efficiency is not just about saving time but also completing tasks in an organized and confident manner. Visual IVR empowers contact center agents to deliver the best service possible.


Better Routing

Because customers love navigating through a Visual IVR session, they are more apt to provide information and select the correct menu options.

Fewer Calls

By building sophisticated self-service flows in our graphical designer you can try resolve customer issues all within the Visual IVR session.

Reduced Call Times

Collecting important call information before connecting the caller to the agent dramatically cuts down on call handle time. In fact, we guarantee a minimum of 60 seconds.

A mobile-friendly self-service tool

Smartphone use is on the rise, especially for customer service. A Google study found that 74% of customers are likely to return to a company’s mobile site if it is user-friendly.